The other day, I went on two tours.Manchester united and Manchester city.

MUFC : Absolutely fantastic.The tour people were very good. ( I highly recommend them.) There are 39 various trophies that manchester united have won,for example: club world cup, 20 barclays premier league trophies, fa cup, community shield and so on.Next i got took onto the manchester united pitch. It was incredible. I got to sit on some of the seats in the stadium. They were awful. All in all, i thought it was a fantastic tour. Here is a picture of the trophy room (obviously there is more than that).


MCFC: Much more modern, Imay be a man united fan but I think the Etihad stadium was slightly better on the outside and inside. But then I saw citys trophy room. pathetic ( compare to uniteds ), i could see at the most 5 trophies compare to uniteds 38. Surprisingly, the hospitality was better, the dressing rooms were only just better, they had everything: Showers, massagers, hydro which makes players ready for a match, and even a restaurant. There is one mad thing though. The cost. If you want to sit on the comfier seats to watch a game, it will cost £300-£500 so you will have to be full of cash to do that. Here is a picture of citys trophy room


5 Reasons Why You Should Not Smoke

1) bad health-smoking gives you bad health because if you smoke from for example 17 years old, you will probably die of a heart attack.

2) lung cancer-smoking gives you lung cancer because the tobacco is not good for you.

3) it stinks-smoking reeks

4) terrible habit- smoking is a bad habit because it is addictive but dreadful.

5) teeth decay- if you smoke, your teeth will decay.



Last sunday, I went to the moors and i was MORTIFIED  by the people there !

I saw people carelessly throwing litter and rubbish into the rivers of the moors so i shouted “LOOK AFTER ENGLAND” and strangely just after that a man arrived and told one of the people off for throwing : Plastic bags, cans and even clothes.

So if you ever go to the moors email me at

thank you

ALARMING NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Strangely, yesterday I turned a man u fan.


I am not so sure why ( because MCFC have just won the premier league) so it is quite strange. But over the last 44 years MCFC have won the premier league twice where as MUFC have won it nearly 20 times.


I hope this explains why i have turned a MUFC fan.

The Top 3 Rarest Match attax Cards You can get

1) Robin Van Persie 100 club      VAN-PERSIE-100-CLUB-240x340This is the one card every match attax collector wants the most. With his 101 stats and  £20m on the top of his card, he is the highest rated, most expensive, and hardest card to get and If you got him in a pack you would be very happy indeed.


2) Joe hart 100 club      $T2eC16ZHJHsFGlp!1(u5BSVHb0K3Ig~~60_35This is the incredibly rare Joe hart 100 club.With 100 for save he is the best goalkeeper in the whole collection. He may not be as rare or as expensive as RVP 100 club but you would still be amazed to open a pack and get this beast.



                                                        jack wilshere hundred club

3) Jack wilshere 100 club

The unbelievably rare jack wilshere 100 club is still an amazing pull to get and as is the same with all the other 100 clubs, if you have him in your team, you are a match for anyone.


If anyone has a Jack wilshere 100 club email me at

Top 3 Luckiest Match Attax Pulls That I’ve Had

I am a Match Attax card collector. This will show my top 3 luckiest pulls.


1) RVP 100 club

Anyone would expect this to be at no 1 because it is is the rarest card in the whole Match attax collection and I was lucky enough to open a pack and see the van persie 101 card in it. I thought I was unbelievably lucky to get one because no one in my class got one in a pack except me . My reaction to this card was screaming around the house, ( well,  mainly because I always overreact . )


2)    David luiz 100 club     


   At number 2 is david luiz 100 club because it is obviously incredible to get one in two packets because on average you should get one in 30 packets ( well, according to topps anyway . ) My reaction to this card was mental because this was my first 100 club.

 3) David silva MOTM

Match Attax 2013 14 Man of the match Silva

David silva is at number 3 because I was lucky enough to get it in my first ever packet of match attax 2013/2014. I didnt overreact with him because i didnt know if it was lucky or not so I thought “Well,  its shiny so he must be good”

If anyone has Jack wilshere 100 club email me at

Top 3 Football Video games

1) 2014 fifa world cup game

2014_FIFA_World_Cup_Brazil_game   Finally it is here, the 2014 fifa world cup game. It is ticking all the football game boxes for me. Although it has the same gameplay as fifa 14 the graphics, skills and player ratings have completely changed. In addition to, there are 2 brand new skill moves which I find rather cool and they are effective to.France is now 4 and a half star team (odd)


2) Fifa 14     

fifa14_coverThis is Fifa 14 by EA Sports, with the best graphics on any game ive seen for a long time. It is the newest FIFA , its better than the last fifa, FIFA 13 because its more realistic, it has a more sophisticated gameplay, its easier to play. obviously, its a better game than fifa 13 (not saying fifa 13 is a bad game because it is the opposite of bad. ) The game features some new skill moves and some of the skills in fifa 14 you can do differently.


3) Fifa street ( 2012 )     Fifa_street_2012

Fifa street, also by ea sports came out about 6 months before fifa 13 but it is absolutely different and absolutely amazing. there is loads of skills, techniques  and ways to combine skills together. Unlike fifa 13 and 14  the main idea is freestyle football instead of match play football. you do some of the skills from fifa 14 and 13 but most of them are completely different to fifa 13 and 14. instead of players being able to do certain skills, any player can do anything.



My Top 5 Favorite Cars

1) Lamborghini Aventador               

This Lamborghini is my favorite lambo and car in the world because a lot of what I like about a car is in it. The Lamborghini Aventador is a two-door, two-seater sports car publicly introduced by Lamborghini at the Geneva Motor Show on 28 February 2011, five months after its initial unveiling in Sant’Agata Bolognese. Internally codenamed LB834, the Aventador was designed to replace the ten-year-old Murciélago as the new flagship model in the Lamborghini lineup starting in 2011. Soon after the Aventador unveiling, Lamborghini announced that it had already sold over 12 months of the production vehicles, with deliveries starting in the second half of 2011.


2) lexus Lfa


The reason I like the lfa is it is as crazy as the Lambo but its not as good as the lambo.The lexus lfa is a two-seat supercar from Lexus. It is the second model in the F marque line of performance vehicles from Lexus, following the IS F. Three concept versions have been shown, each debuting at the North American International Auto Show with the LF-A designation as part of the LF Series concept line. After beginning development in the early 2000s (codenamed P280), the first LF-A concept premiered in 2005, followed in 2007 by a second LF-A with a more completely furnished interior and exterior.

3) Nissan GTR

With a Twin Turbo V6 producing an earth-shaking 545 horsepower, it’s easy to overlook everything else GT-R has to offer—which is a lot. For 2015, that includes a new recalibrated suspension that reduces load fluctuation between the four wheels, and keeps your wheels tight on the road for a smoother, more sophisticated ride. We’ve also added advanced headlights that adjust their illumination pattern based on your driving speed, and an all-new interior option with pale ivory semi-aniline seats, and contrasting hand-stitched details.


4) Mclaren 12C     

The Mclaren Mp4 12c, also simply called the 12C, is a sports car designed and manufactured by McLaren Automotive. It is the first production car wholly designed and built by McLaren since the McLaren F1, which ended production in 1998. The car’s final design was unveiled in September 2009, and was launched in mid-2011.

The MP4-12C features a carbon fibre composite chassis, and is powered by a mid-mounted McLaren M838T 3.8-litre V8, twin-turbo engine developing approximately 616 bhp (459 kW; 625 PS) and around 443 lb·ft (601 N·m) of torque.

5) Mosler MT900

The mt900 was a full-size grand touring car built in the United States and the United Kingdom by Mosler. Three submodels have also been produced. The mt900r was a racing version of the MT900. The basic car was updated as the mt900 for 2005, with the mosler mt900s photon being an optional performance package. The original MT900 was introduced in 2001 and the MT900S finished production in May 2011.

My Top 3 Footballer Hairstyles

These are my top 5 footballer hairstyles


1) Cristiano Ronaldo    cristiano-ronaldo-losangelesgalaxy-02


Cristiano ronaldo,  (born 5 February 1985), known as Ronaldo, is a Portuguese footballer who plays as a forward for Spanish club Real Madrid and captains the Portugal national team. He became the most expensive footballer in history when he moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid in 2009 in a transfer worth £80 million (€94 million/$131.6 million). Ronaldo’s contract with Real Madrid, under the terms of which he is paid €21 million per year (after taxes), makes him the highest-paid footballer in the world,[4] and his buyout clause is valued at €1 billion as per his contract.


2) Aguero  aguero_2339571b


 Sergio leonel kun aguero del castillo (  born 2 June 1988) is an Argentine footballer who plays as a striker for Premier League club Manchester City and the Argentina national team. On 5 July 2003, he became the youngest player to debut in the Argentine Primera División at 15 years and 35 days, breaking the record previously established by Diego Maradona in 1976.He plays with the shirt name Kun Aguero.




 3) Bale102225


Gareth Frank Bale (born 16 July 1989) is a Welsh footballer who plays for La Liga club Real Madrid and the Wales national team as a winger.Bale began his professional career at Southampton, playing at left back and earning acclaim as a free kick specialist. He moved to Tottenham Hotspur in 2007, for an eventual £7 million fee. During his time at Spurs, managerial and tactical shifts saw him transform into a more offensively-orientated player. From the 2009–10 season, Bale became an integral part of the team, rising to international attention during the2010–11 UEFA Champions League. He was named PFA Players’ Player of the Year in 2011 and 2013, and was named in the UEFA Team of the Year in 2011 and 2013







My 5 Favorite Football Teams


1) Manchester city


Manchester city is my favorite club because its my closest club and its better than rivals man u. Manchester city is an English Premier League football club based in Manchester. Founded in 1880 they became Ardwick Association  football club in 1887 and Manchester City in 1894. The club has played at the Etihad Stadium since 2003.

2) Real Madrid   Real_Madrid_logo

The club is one of the coolest and most expensive clubs in the world with an annual turnover of €513 million, and the most valuable sports team, worth €3.3 billion It is one of three clubs to have never been relegated from the top flight of Spanish football, along with Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona. Real Madrid holds many long-standing rivalries, most notably El Clásico with FC Barcelona and El Derbi madrileño with Atlético Madrid.

3) Manchester United         mufc-logo

Manchester United have won more trophies than any other team in English football, including a record 20 League titles, a record 11 FA Cups, four League Cups and a record 20 FA Community Shields. The club has also won three European Cups, one UEFA Cup and so on. They also make loads of teams who they are today because

4) Fc Barcelona       download

Barcelona is in my opinion is the most successful club in Spain, in terms of overall official titles won  is (83). Barcelona was ranked first in the ‘All-Time Club World Ranking’ by IFFHS, on December 31, 2009, and is also currently placed on top of the UEFA club rankings. They are the current Spanish football champions and has won 22 La Liga trophies.


5) chelsea   



Chelsea are one of the most successful clubs in the premier league (they nearly got Messi once), they  had their first major success in 1955, when they won the league championship, and won various cup competitions during the 1960s, 1970s, 1990s and 2000s. The club has enjoyed its greatest period of success in the past two decades, winning 15 major trophies since 1997. Domestically, Chelsea have won four league titles, seven FA Cups, four League Cups and four FA Community Shields, while in continental competitions they have won two UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups, one UEFA Super Cup, one UEFA Europa League and one UEFA Champions League. Chelsea are the only London club to win the UEFA Champions League, one of four clubs, and the only British club, to have won all three main UEFA club competitions, and also the first club to hold two major European titles simultaneously