Top 3 Most Awkward Transfers

1)fernando torres

Who else but Torres can take this number 1 spot? After 4 years of non stop scoring at liverpool, Fernando Torres took a wrong turn when he decided to move to chelsea ( even though it was £50m. ) After playing 110 games at the club and scoring only 20 times, torres moved to Ac Milan where he has only scored 1 goal. Poor lad.

2) Robinho

After 3 successful seasons at Real madrid, Robinho transferred to man city for £33,000,000 in 2008. The only reason he is in this list is that he was confident he would move to chelsea right until the last day of the transfer window.

3) Anderson

You may be wondering why anderson is in this list because he has had a few successful seasons at united winning the champions league and the premier league. The only reason he is in this list is because of his  2013/14 campaign where he only started 1 game.

Revealed! The Most Skillful Player Ever


By the end of year 2005, Ronaldinho had started to accumulate a host of personal awards. He won the inaugural FIFPro World Player of the Year in September 2005, in addition to being included in the 2005 FIFPro World XI, and being named the 2005 European Footballer of the Year. Also that year, Ronaldinho was voted the FIFA World Player of the Year for the second consecutive year. He became only the third player to win the award more than once, after three time winners Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane His domination as the world’s best footballer was undisputed as he also won the prestigious Ballon d’Or for the only time in his career.On 19 November, Ronaldinho scored twice as Barcelona defeated Real Madrid 3–0 on the road in the first leg of El Clásico. After he sealed the match with his second goal, Madrid fans paid homage to his performance with a standing ovation, so rare a tribute sealed the match with his second goal, Madrid fans paid homage to his performance with a standing ovation, so rare a tribute only Diego Maradona had ever been granted previously as a Barcelona player at the Santiago Bernabéu. Ronaldinho stated; “I will never forget this because it is very rare for any footballer to be applauded in this way by the opposision “

Zizzi Restaurant Didsbury Short Review

Yesterday, I went to a perfect restaurant called zizzi in Didsbury. The service is amazing. For starters, they give you a tin with carrots, cucumber and dough sticks. It was delicious:) For a main course, I had a margarita pizza ( the best one i have ever had.) But, there was a slight incident before entering Zizzi when a man shouted at my Dad for parking on his property but we got away with that. Anyway, Brilliant restaurant with great service and food. I rate it 5 stars:)


The other day, I went on two tours.Manchester united and Manchester city.

MUFC : Absolutely fantastic.The tour people were very good. ( I highly recommend them.) There are 39 various trophies that manchester united have won,for example: club world cup, 20 barclays premier league trophies, fa cup, community shield and so on.Next i got took onto the manchester united pitch. It was incredible. I got to sit on some of the seats in the stadium. They were awful. All in all, i thought it was a fantastic tour. Here is a picture of the trophy room (obviously there is more than that).


MCFC: Much more modern, Imay be a man united fan but I think the Etihad stadium was slightly better on the outside and inside. But then I saw citys trophy room. pathetic ( compare to uniteds ), i could see at the most 5 trophies compare to uniteds 38. Surprisingly, the hospitality was better, the dressing rooms were only just better, they had everything: Showers, massagers, hydro which makes players ready for a match, and even a restaurant. There is one mad thing though. The cost. If you want to sit on the comfier seats to watch a game, it will cost £300-£500 so you will have to be full of cash to do that. Here is a picture of citys trophy room


Top 4 Football Video games

1) Fifa 15


This is the latest Fifa. Fifa 15. The difference between  this and Fifa 14 is quite minimal but I think Fifa 15 is a bit better because of its graphics, the dribbling, the ratings are more appropriate and there is now the Turkish league (for some reason.) As far as I am concerned, there are only 3 problems: They have lost the Brazillian league so you cant play with some talented players like Robinho, Cristiano Ronaldo is underrated and the shooting can be quite dodgy but you can solve this by going to the settings and making the shot power slightly higher. Overall, a great game for any football fan on Earth.




2) 2014 fifa world cup game

2014_FIFA_World_Cup_Brazil_game   Finally it is here, the 2014 fifa world cup game. It is ticking all the football game boxes for me. Although it has the same gameplay as fifa 14 the graphics, skills and player ratings have completely changed. In addition to, there are 2 brand new skill moves which I find rather cool and they are effective to.France is now 4 and a half star team (odd)


3) Fifa 14     

fifa14_coverThis is Fifa 14 by EA Sports, with the best graphics on any game ive seen for a long time. It is the newest FIFA , its better than the last fifa, FIFA 13 because its more realistic, it has a more sophisticated gameplay, its easier to play. obviously, its a better game than fifa 13 (not saying fifa 13 is a bad game because it is the opposite of bad. ) The game features some new skill moves and some of the skills in fifa 14 you can do differently.


4) Fifa street ( 2012 )     Fifa_street_2012

Fifa street, also by ea sports came out about 6 months before fifa 13 but it is absolutely different and absolutely amazing. there is loads of skills, techniques  and ways to combine skills together. Unlike fifa 13 and 14  the main idea is freestyle football instead of match play football. you do some of the skills from fifa 14 and 13 but most of them are completely different to fifa 13 and 14. instead of players being able to do certain skills, any player can do anything.



My Top Five Best Footballers In The World

1-Cristiano Ronaldo

Where do i start. This man has everything. Speed, shooting, skills, passing and defending . Since joining Manchester united in 2003, he has done exceptionally well. He is crucial in any starting 11. In his 6 years he has scored 118 goals for the club which is extraordinary for a left winger. in 2009 he broke records with his £80 transfer to Real madrid. For the 5 years he has been there he has scored over 200 goals for the club which as i said before is incredible for a left winger. This is my favorite video about his amazing skills. Amazingly, cr7 has been linked to rejoining manchester united in 2015 but his release clause is £1bn so it will probably not happen.

2-Lionel Messi

He is on another level. Football these days wouldnt be what they are without this man. In his ten years at Fc barcelona he has scored over 250 la liga goals ( a record )and over 400 career goals which is fantastic. He has won FIFA Ballon d’Or 4 times. That is more than any person has any won before. Lately, there has been transfer talks about lionel messi moving to manchester city in 2015 for £250 million but i dont think that will happen because messi is in my mind too good for anyone to even think about moving one of the best players of all time.

3-Luis suarez

This man is unstoppable. Last season he scored about 30 goals for Liverpool. Probably why spanish side Barcelona bought him for over £70 million pounds. Above his fond habbit of eating human flesh, he can shoot , he can dribble, he can trick defenders and he is good at getting red cards. To be honest, he is a match for Lionel Messi.

4) Arjen Robben

this guy needs no introduction, does he. officially fastest player on earth after breaking the record against spain in the Fifa world cup 2014 against Spain in their 5-1 thrashing of them where he scored 2. This isnt the only reason he is on my top 5 list because he is one of the best dutch players of all time and his tricks mesmerize millions.

5) Neymar Jr

Strangely, this man is only known for doing loads of tricks and flicks and never passing and that is not true at all. Yes, he might do loads of skills but this guy does know how to do half decent shooting and passing as well. The crazy thing is though, even from the start of his career in 2010, he has always been known worldwide for his ability to be a nightmare for any defender on the planet.

My New Hobby – Karate.

My New Hobby – Karate.

I have started learning Karate.

The reason I wanted to learn Karate is I want to defend myself, learn martial arts, be a good fighter, be a black belt, and turn famous for this sport.

My Karate teacher calls himself Sensai. He is, fast, agile, sharp, old but good at karate and he is understandable and correct.

So far I have done my first belt, and learnt loads of self defence moves.

My belt is a white belt. the white belt is the first of the karate belts, there are many other belts but the last belt is black.

My suit looks like this (but this isn’t me).

Karate kick

My parents think it is a good sport for me, my mum thinks it will stand out in conditions of fighting, my dad thinks it is good for my soul.

I do Karate every Tuesday and Friday because i am not free any other day.

It costs £80 a month.

The moves I have learned up to now are: roundhouse kick, head block, shoo-to and a few others I cant remember the name of the other moves.

I do karate in Manchester, my karate room is called Yojo.

I have made two friends at Karate already. They are called Jake and Ryan.

The reason I am so optimistic about Karate is, I enjoy it, I makes me want to do it again, and I think it is good for my future.

What I think of the 2007 Ford Mustang

What I think of the 2007 Ford Mustang

My dad had a 2007 ford mustang 4.0 automatic.

He bought it from his friend in the USA. It had nice wheels, it came from North Carolina. It was metallic grey, it had a good radio, the music on the radio is absolutely superb, and I loved the colour.

It also looks very, very excellent; in fact it looks very, very exotic. Even though it’s left hand drive when you sit in the passenger seat it feels normal. Here it is:

Ford Mustang

And as a result it is one of my favourite muscle cars.

Some of my favourite things about the Mustang:

  • It goes very fast,
  • It looks cool,
  • You feel cool when you’re inside it

This is me inside it:

Me in Ford Mustang

My dad also had a silver convertible V8 Mustang, and another red coupe.

What I think about the convertible Mustang is that I think it’s even more powerful than the other Mustang.

Its interior is also very cool. The seats were very good the radio was also excellent.

The ride was excellent, the suspension was stiff, it was very, very comfortable and the interior is a nice place to be.

Reasons why I enjoy my holidays.

Reasons why I enjoy my holidays.

The reason why I enjoy my holidays is because there are lots of things to experience and do, like go in Ferraris visit water parks, go to beaches and visit places.

Other reasons why I love to go on holidays is because you can buy things and swim in water.

Up to now I have been to Estonia, America, Spain and Wales.

Here is a picture of me in Clearwater, Florida.

What I like about Florida is;

It is hot there,

The hotels are good,

The food is lovely,

There are lots of places to go like Gator Land and Disneyland,

The beaches are fabulous,

And the hotels are big,

What I like about Gator Land is everything is to do with alligators and there are lots of things to do there like;

Wrestle alligators,

Feed alligators,

And collect gator land coins and alligator teeth.